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Klock Werks Engineer, Sgt. Logan Homstad, Shares Veteran’s Day Thoughts

November 10, 2016

logan4“Veteran’s Day is the day to be thankful for the service to all veterans, past and present, who took the oath and wrote that blank check to the government for an unlimited amount up to, and including, their life.” -Sgt. Logan Homstad, Klock Werks Engineer, Fire Team Leader, Construction Foreman of a Combat Engineer Platoon, United States Marine Corps.

Courageous men and women, out of compassion for their country, give the ultimate sacrifice for others. Sometimes this sacrifice is their breath and beating heart. The men and women of our military give up everything they know to serve the Unites States of America, and they do so in many facets. Klock Werks salutes and thanks our service men and women of the past and today, and we are honored to show them our gratitude on Veteran’s Day, and every day.

Klock Werks has always offered a discount to veterans, and we know that no gift can truly show our appreciation. But if you are a veteran, we would be honored to send you a gift, with heartfelt thanks, for Veteran’s Day 2016.

Sgt. Homstad would also like to extend his gratitude to his fellow service men and women. “They are what I believe to be the greatest of their generations — the less than 1% of society that helped fight for something bigger than themselves. The wars may have started as a means to a political resolution, but quickly shifted to fighting for the men and women on their right and on their left. That’s true patriotism,” he said.


It’s close to impossible to understand what our men and women have been through and what they continue to deal with even after their service.

“Service men and women are still over there,” Homstad said of troops in the Middle East, “and more are being deployed again and again, putting themselves in harms way. Even though vets leave the service and join the civilian world,” Homstad explains, “the war is not over for any of them. They carry burdens that may never completely heal.”

One thing we do know at Klock Werks is #motofamily. There isn’t anything more important than community, and Homstad, along with the rest of the Klock Krew implores everyone in the nation to not overlook our veterans.

“Veterans may be battling demons that they cannot control,” Homstad said. “I wish for a day when every person would recognize and reach out to veterans every day — no matter how small of an impact they feel it would be (i.e. buying coffee and listening to stories, helping a homeless vet with a resume, or helping vets with items they need for daily survival.) Today’s society should not have to be reminded to be thankful.”

While we know the journey is personal, Veterans of the United States of America, you have our support, today, and every day of your life. Our door is always open, and our ears are ever hearing you. Give us a call today at 605-996-3700 — we’ve got something for you! Enjoy the ride.


Military photos credit- Sgt. Logan Homstad

Flag/Wheelie photo credit- 1 Wheel Revolution & Panda Pix

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