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One & Done: The Flare™ for Honda and Yamaha

October 10, 2016

You can make your bike look and ride better just by adding one part. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! The Flare™ Windshield doesn’t just add maximum style with those hips and the flip, it actually improves the ride and makes it more stable in a variety of road conditions.

Klock Werks Flare™ Windshield brought a new style and fresh innovation to the market years ago, proving that your bike can look badass without sacrificing function. In fact, function dominated the production and process of creating the Flare™ Windshield. The Klock Krew needed clean air and added downforce to aid stability for the motorcycle Laura was setting land-speed records on at the Bonneville Salt Flats with her daughters.


Keeping function and performance at the forefront of the production process ensured a highly sought after piece. It just so happened that the sexy hips and flip of this windshield was the best way to redirect air flow.

“I couldn’t believe the difference the Flare made,” Jason Schoonmaker said. “I wear contacts so my eyes dry out really quick if I don’t have tight-fitting glasses or goggles on. With the Flare, I can wear regular sunglasses and never have an issue. The bike feels like it’s planted to the road better when hauling down the highway too!”

Check out the Flare™ Windshield for Yamaha Stratoliner today! Two sizes and two tints are available for this model. New windshields for Honda Gold Wing and F6B are also available at, and you can try any of them at any “Try It Before You Buy It” location. Please contact the Krew at with any questions you have regarding height selections. We recommend choosing a height you can comfortably look over.


Yamaha Stratoliner



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