Pre-Sturgis Party Memories

July 5, 2016

The Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party draws in riders from all over the world. The 10th Annual party on August 4th is sure to be the biggest yet! To read more about how this party began, click the link at the bottom of this post.

Alan Bainbridge, Klock Werks Sales and Customer Service Extraordinaire and original 2 Fat Guys dude, came back to Mitchell to see family during the Pre-Sturgis Party because it was the best time to see the most people all in one night!

“My friend Roger Maddox (brown shirt) had ridden to Alaska from SoCal and got seperated from his riding partner. He ended up riding 1000 miles a day across Canada to make up the time he lost early on in order to make the pre party with me and continue on to Sturgis. He was amazed at how cordial everyone was to him. It was a highlight for him to come to Klock Werks.” – Alan Bainbridge

“The Pre-Sturgis Party was a big part of my trips back from SoCal while I lived there,” Bainbridge said. “I would be able to come home to Mitchell to see my mom and the rest of the family. I always planned my arrival to coincide with the party!”

Notable highlights include seeing the “infamous Gene Slater” from Texas along with Moses, Hellings, RK, Uncle Buck, Curty, JP, Rob Maeschen, and Jeff Miedema, to name a few. He met a lot of new people and enjoyed a lot of B.S.

“One of my favorite memories was seeing Donnie Smith and asking Dan Cheeseman (Klock Werks COO) if that really was Donnie Smith,” Bainbridge said laughing. “Dan fell for it most every year I would ask him. Miedema and I would get the biggest chuckle out of that.”

Al says that a lot of his Pre-Sturgis stories are best left to memory and are not to be recorded, so that’s that.

Taylor Spence, Marketing Intern, will be one of the newbies in the crowd this year. She is looking forward to seeing some cool bikes and meeting folks from around the country.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.31.32 PM

Chris Leffers, Warehouse Manager has attended a couple Pre-Sturgis parties in the past. Most memorable for him was cooking chili with the Cheeseman family and meeting Carey Hart and Ricky Carmichael, motocross racers.

Gene Slater, Brand Specialist, remembers the first party. Ever the connoisseur of fine flavors, Gene brought along 10 cases of beer that was new or hard to acquire in South Dakota.

“The choice that year was Shiner Bock,” Slater said.

Through the years, Slater brought Pacifico, Bud Chelada, Lone Star, and many others. You could say folks were happy to see him. And, that’s still the case today!

Along with others, Slater overnighted at Klock Werks in his RV.

“After a bit of beverage sampling, someone in a camper mounted on a van body decided it was time to do wheelies in the parking lot,” Slater said. “He got the front wheels off the ground a couple of times by using sort of a punch it over and over until he basically bounced the front end off the ground. Funny to watch, but he probably destroyed the tranny and the camper.”

Gene Slater, 2006

It just isn’t the Sturgis Rally without the warm-up round at the Klock Werks Pre-Strugis Party! Map your route to stop in Mitchell, SD at Klock Werks and make memories for the record book! We won’t tell… unless you want us to.

“That is my 2002 Road Glide “Betsy” that had just shy of 100,000 miles at the time. Betsy did sport a Klock Werks sticker on the other side of the fairing, so it could be seen while on the jiffy stand!” – Alan Bainbridge


The very first Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party flyer!
The very first Klock Werks Pre-Sturgis Party flyer! circa 2006

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