Device Mounts iOskin

iOskins provide a perfect surface to mount your iOadapt steel disc. Simply apply a skin to your device, and place your iOadapt directly on top in the red circle. This will ensure that your iOadapt is positioned correctly, and protect your device from the permanent iOadapt adhesive. If you ever need to remove or replace your iOadapt, it will be as easy as peeling off the iOskin. Prep area with alcohol wipe before applying iOskin. Read More


  • Apply to device before adhering iOadapt steel disc
  • Clean area with alcohol wipe before applying iOskin

Part #

Part Name Part #
Device Mounts iOskin 0636-0046

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Multiple Device Capability

Buy extra iOadapt discs to use multiple devices on the same mount.

iOadapt Disc

The stainless steel iOadapt disc is not a magnet and attaches securely to your device.

Sleek Style

Klock Werks created custom brackets for specific bike models.