Device Mounts Magnetic iOcore

The iOcore is the magnetic assembly that is heart of all motorcycle-specific Klock Werks Device Mounts, powered by iOmounts products. It is available in 8 colors for a customized look. This iOcore will fit any motorcycle-specific mount by Klock Werks, including Harley Davidson 96+ models (except 750 Street) with stock controls, most Harley Davidson 84+ models with 3.5" center to center riser, Indian 2014+ Vintage, Dark Horse, Chief Classic, and Chieftain with stock controls, and Victory 2010+ VCC / VCCT with stock controls. Read More

Part #

Part Name Part #
Green iOcore 0636-0037
Black iOcore 0636-0038
Blue iOcore 0636-0039
Gray iOcore 0636-0040
Orange iOcore 0636-0041
Pink iOcore 0636-0042
Red iOcore 0636-0043
Yellow iOcore 0636-0044

Install / Info

Product Info

Understand the Difference

Multiple Device Capability

Buy extra iOadapt discs to use multiple devices on the same mount.

iOadapt Disc

The stainless steel iOadapt disc is not a magnet and attaches securely to your device.

Sleek Style

Klock Werks created custom brackets for specific bike models.