Prairie Bars for Indian Chief

Klock Werks Prairie Bar FIT KITS for 2014-17 Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, and 2016-17 Dark Horse combine traditional beach bar styling with a more comfortable, relaxed cruising position. Prairie Bars are wider and lower than the stock bars on your Indian Chief Classic or Vintage, with 3” more pullback for reduced reach to the handgrips and controls. And for the first time in the aftermarket parts offering, Klock Werks makes it easy for you to replace your stock bars by including necessary cables in the convenient Prairie Bar FIT KIT! Bars available in chrome; cables are black in both kits. Read More


  • 2014-17 Indian Chief Classic and Vintage
  • 2016-17 Indian Dark Horse
  • 2016-17 Indian Springfield

Understand the Difference

Built to Last

Made from hard-coated polycarbonate for added strength & durability.

Fits Heated Grips

These bars work with heated grips.

Sleek Styling

The trademark sleek styling of the FLARE™ compliments your bike.

Made in the USA

We source from companies we know and trust, supporting communities in the USA.