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Klock Werks Engineer, Sgt. Logan Homstad, Shares Veteran’s Day Thoughts

“Veteran’s Day is the day to be thankful for the service to all veterans, past and present, who took the oath and wrote that blank check to the government for an unlimited amount up to, and including, their life.” -Sgt. Logan Homstad, Klock Werks Engineer, Fire Team Leader, Construction Foreman of a Combat Engineer Platoon, United […]

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Break Away From the Ordinary
September 20, 2016

What “memorial” Means to Us

Klock Werks is a company built on passion and vision, a small-town business with humble beginnings. This week, we think heavily on the word memorial and just how important preserving memories of people and events really is. The past weekend might have been filled with barbecues in the back yard, splashing at a neighborhood pool, […]

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