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Klock Stop – 2007 Heir Artwork Memories

June 27, 2016

Only 1,000 copies exist, and Klock Werks is proud to display this limited edition artwork on the show room walls. Drawn by Tim Heir in response to a marketing/fundraising campaign organized by Marilyn Stemp, owner of Iron Trader News, formally Iron Works publication, the portrait showcases industry professionals who support reaching out to kids in a tangible way.

From left, Laura Klock, Marilyn Stemp, and Brian Klock

The mugs of Donny Smith, Dave Perewitz, and Brian Klock brought in cash in the form of charitable contributions to support the Chopper Class Challenge, originally conceptualized by Kevin Bass at the Kennedy High School in Bloomington, MN. The copies were signed and distributed first at the V-Twin Expo in 2007 and then further circulated over the course of four years. All proceeds benefited builders in technical and high schools. Also included in the drawing is the custom bike Bass’ students built.

Stemp said builders in the area stepped up to challenge one another to inspire young people who were attracted to the industry. To fulfill this budding interest, parts were needed for classrooms. The drawing proved an effective way to give back two-fold — to industry leaders who paved the way and to programs that needed the funding.


“Brian (Klock) was the rabble rouser,” Stemp said. “He challenged the other guys, and it took off in a big way.“

Over the years, Iron Works provided trophies for the Chopper Challenge. Though the official competition ended last year (2016), builders continue to take steps forward in the market using ingenuity in metal-working, painting, and fabrication.

“Donny was Brian’s mentor,” Stemp said. “but Brian was also so far ahead of the curve with baggers. His vision was just so unique.”

That vision has steered the creativity of young people, and that is why Smith, Perewitz, and Klock were honored with the drawing. If you were one of the 1,000 to get your hands on this drawing, Klock Werks would love to hear from you!

Stemp and Klock reminisce about the Iron Works publication. Klock Werks has multiple covers and articles mounted and hung around the show room.
Stemp stands near a mounted piece from the Iron Works publication.
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