2017 Timeless Design Feature Bikes

Un-Mellow Yellow FXR

When Dan Cheeseman and Brian Klock started building bikes together, the goal was to produce timeless style with the right stance. Early in his career, Klock was recognized by big names in the industry due to his “exuberance and passion for clean machines” (Kelly). The first bike magazine feature was no exception. The yellow FXR, […]

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Events + Gatherings
Klock Werks Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2017!
January 2, 2017
Product Development
Break Away From the Ordinary
September 20, 2016
Product Development

Klock Werks Invests in Dyna/FXR Fans w/ 19” Steel Fenders

Riders are buying new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to kustomize and build their own classic look, and Klock Werks is excited to offer high quality products with simple bolt-on installation that anyone can manage right in their home garage. The Klock Krew is ready to ship pre-drilled 19” Front Fenders for Dyna, FXR, and Sportsters, as well […]

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Top Story

Klock Yourself Out With Parts for FXR, Dyna, and Sportster

The rising popularity of FXR’s, Dynas and Sportsters, has gone beyond what was once a typical blacked-out club bike. Riders appreciate the style and culture these bikes are known for, and their style is anything but cookie-cutter. It isn’t about blending in, and it might not even be about standing out; it’s all about enjoying […]

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