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Shield Height Really Does Matter

“We created the original “Try It Before You Buy It” windshield demo progam in 2008 because 2000 people don’t want pepperoni pizza,” stated Brian Klock. When it comes to air management, having the best is only possible if you optimize your ride according to your individual height and stance. “Try them all before you buy,” Scott […]

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Klock Werks Celebrates National Bobblehead Day

National Bobblehead Day is January 7th, and Klock Werks is happy to participate, celebrating their own “Brian the Bobblehead”! The first National Bobblehead Day was celebrated Wednesday, January 7, 2015, because, as bobbleheadhall.com (National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum) states, “bobbleheads are awesome.” In February 2015, Klock Werks launched a new campaign to help […]

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